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As mentioned in the video you observed from our website when you are afforded the opportunity to interview individually, if you can tailor questions that slant towards their area you will not only learn more but also get a more balanced conversation



Why it is a good company to work for?
Types of ongoing training or educational opportunities
Type of person that seems to fit best in their culture
What they enjoy about working for xxxx
How xxxx has made them a better employee



How they view IT as part of the corporate hierarchy or structure
Where do they see IT has having the greatest impact on company growth?
Type of financial commitment they are making to stay technically current in today’s environment.
Based on this position (the one you are applying for) how can you best impact the profitability of the company


Hiring Manager

What current challenges or assignments need to be addressed in the first 90-180 days in this job...and what would be your expectation of me?
What qualifications are necessary to be successful in this position...
The type of person who fits best in your team??
Describe you management style??
Based on my background what can I clarify for you that will help you address those issues today...


Team Members or Perhaps people who have recently joined the firm

What do enjoy most about working for xxxx
What was the toughest adjustment you faced when you joined xxxx
What accomplishment are you most proud of achieving @ xxxx
Can you describe the culture of xxxx


Other supervisors

From your perspective how can I help best deliver results to your group?
What are you looking for from a personality and technical background that will help
Your team achieves results


For any of the them

Can you tell me a bit about why you like (the area)
If I am interested in___________where can I find out more about ___________