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Candidate Services

You may have asked yourself why you should use a recruiter. Good question. Consider the following:

You use professionals for other important events in your life, doctors, dentists, bankers, lawyers, accountants, stock brokers, etc. Isn't changing careers an equally important event in your life? We know the job market and we know about jobs that you may not otherwise be able to identify.

  • We can ask the questions that interviewing protocol precludes you from asking.
  • We provide valuable insights into our client companies, not just job requirements, but company culture, personalities, and more.
  • We represent you and your qualifications fairly and honestly to our clients. If they have a question or need clarification, we get it for them, in effect, we become your living cover letter. If you have questions or concerns, we will provide the resolutions.
  • We will coach you in interviewing skills so that you will walk away from the interview really knowing what the company and the job are all about. Likewise, the company will be able to know what you're all about.
  • We can be your eyes and ears out in the job market, always watching for that right job you want to hear about.
  • We will call you to discuss a specific job opportunity before sending your resume. If the job isn't right, we will not send your resume to the company.
  • There is NEVER a charge to you for what we do.

Working with the right recruiter is critical, so select your recruiter as carefully as you make other important decisions, someone with whom you can have a long term networking relationship. Work with someone you trust and enjoy. Understand their philosophies and methods. Avoid working with too many recruiters, none of us get really excited about a candidate who's resume is everywhere.

Candidate Your recruiter will make a lot of calls on your behalf-maybe several hundred We ask our candidates to be open and honest with us. We look for frequent contact with our candidates in the spirit of mutual cooperation. You can expect us to ask you about other job search activity, other qualified individuals you may know, and more. Expect some tough questions and plan to be open and honest with us.

One final word: even if you have not decided to start searching actively. Let's talk. You never know when that really great opportunity will arise.