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Company Services

Real help with Information Systems, from ERP packages, to project management, networking, software development, and Information Technology Management.

We know what it's like to try to find the right person to fill a critical opening. We've been there and have gone through the same issues you are facing. You are probably getting daily calls from recruiters and may be working with others right now. We'd like to be the search firm you choose to partner with and we want to earn your business.


Some of the things we do:

  • Get to know your company in order to represent you accurately. We'll ask about your business and why someone would want to work there. We'd like to know great things we can tell someone about you and your company.
  • Understand the job requirements AND the work culture. The candidate with 100% match to qualifications may not always be the right person. Ignoring the company culture leads to short term hires, discontentment, personality issues, and more.
  • Develop a partnering relationship with your Human Resources, Information Systems and/or Manufacturing Departments. Most companies have policies related to individual responsibilities in the hiring process. We recognize those roles and do not try to circumvent them.
  • Present only qualified, interested candidates. We've screened the candidates we present to you for technical skills, geographic preferences, family related concerns, financial requirements, academic credentials and their individual interest in the job. We assure the candidates that we will not send their resumes to a prospective employer unless we discuss the job (in generic terms) with them first, i.e., they know something about the company and the job and have expressed interest.
  • Provide advice based on our industry expertise. Our staff talks to I/T, Engineering and Manufacturing professionals every day, so we know the market.
  • Ask questions. Knowing you and your company and knowing our candidates is the only way a good professional match can be accomplished. We hope you will ask us any question on your mind.
  • Listen.

Some of the things we don't do:

  • Clutter your in basket with inappropriate resumes. Our preference is to call and review a candidate with you before sending the resume. That gives us the opportunity to refine our understanding, provide additional information, generally keep in touch, and avoid submitting a resume you already have.
  • Misrepresent a candidate to you or misrepresent you to a candidate. When that happens, everybody loses.
  • Force a bad placement. If we feel that for some reason the match is potentially a problem, let's talk about it.

We prefer a partnering relationship, i.e., to be an extension of your company. To effectively represent you, we need your time and talents. We'll return calls promptly, provide feedback from interviews, advise you of concerns, gather specific information, set up interviews, etc., Of course, we'll ask you to do likewise.