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Sample Resume 
(Click Here to view a printable version)

Your resume should be an expression of who you are. For that reason, we never rewrite anyone's resume. There are many good ways to write your resume so select one that is comfortable for you. We have provided an example below that includes some tips (in italics) in a generalized form. You should determine issues like whether or not to center, how to distribute white space (areas with nothing), when to bold, what font to use, etc.. We usually fax or email your resume to our clients so print a sharp copy on white paper if you are faxing or mailing it to us, and please do not use patterned or colored stationary if mailing.


  • avoid fonts which are not business-like
  • check your grammar
  • use spell check
  • avoid combining bold with light fonts


  • network professionals should provide a one page addendum sheet with technologies listed and grouped
  • keep the resume to no more than two pages
  • a cover letter is fine, but usually a cover letter directed to us is not of interest to an employer, remember, we are your living cover letter to the employer.


John E. Smith
use bolding sparingly, the dark can overpower lighter print, especially when your resume is faxed
1234 Street Address
City, State Zip
(###) ###-#### (W) (###) ###-####(H)
Your Email Address
including your work phone number is your decision, we suggest that you do not-just to avoid some potentially unpleasant surprises while someone else is in your office


***CAUTION*** we do not recommend that you include an objective. You may only be considered for a job of that nature and will be bypassed for other interesting opportunities. Insert this paragraph only if you are willing to take the risk.


This paragraph ( maybe only about 2-4 lines) provides an overview of your qualifications. It is not specific in terms of individual accomplishments but does give a generalized picture of what your qualifications are. This section is optional, but probably a very good option.


Miscellaneous, Inc., Minneapolis, MN (manufacture and distribution of household things). Potential employers may not be familiar with your current and previous employer so it's a good idea to describe very briefly what business they are in.

Project Manager, 1995 - present. Responsible for the evaluation, selection and implementation of all financial modules of System ABC. Directed the activity of four technical persons. Completed the implementation 00 weeks ahead of schedule and $00,000 under budget. Include most pertinent data. More recent experiences deserve more text that jobs from longer ago.

Senior Systems Analyst, 1990 - 1995. A paragraph similar to the one above for each phase of your employment. Avoid personal pronouns and story-like descriptions. Include a brief, accurate description of the activity which generates interest - you can provide the details in the interview. A resume that is too wordy, cluttered, long, or cramped may discourage others from reading it. Your audience probably has an overly full workload and may not wish to spend time on what seems like a time consuming task.

ABC Company, Des Moines, IA (Property casualty insurance company)

Programmer Analyst, 1986 - 1990. More tips: Indicate necessary technical specifics, e.g., platform, operating system, etc. Avoid going into technologies which are no longer important-remember, often the employer is only interested in your most recent technological experience. If your background is lengthy, just allude to those older systems, do not use valuable space and the readers' time to cover ancient history.

Complex Systems Company, Bloomington, MN (Hardware tuning software)

Programmer, 1983 - 1986. More tips: Yes, the employer will want to know your dates of employment. Indentations, blank lines, etc., should be used effectively to create an "interesting to read" image. Too much or too little white space may give a negative first impression. Frills like borders, icons, etc., probably will not lend much to your resume unless you are looking for a job as a resume writer or border drawer. Just use your best common sense and present your qualifications in a business like fashion.


North State University, Middle, IL.
BS Computer Science cum laude. 1986.
Early in your career, you had education as the first major section of your resume. Now that you have some good experience to offer a perspective employer, it is better to move the education section to immediately after the experience section. You can include professional certifications here and title this section appropriately.


Optional, if you include this paragraph, do so only if it does not make your resume too long.


Available upon request. Sure they are. If you really want this job you will provide them when requested, therefore, omit this paragraph.


Negotiable. As they should be; however, this paragraph adds no value to the resume. Remember, your recruiter is your living cover letter. We'll discuss your salary requirements with prospective employers. Remember also, not all position openings will have the same salary levels, job responsibilities, or cost of living, so also avoid dollar figures here.